For over 30 years the Shipley name has been recognized as a national leader in global consulting and training.  Shipley Coaching provides custom solutions for leadership coaching, emotional intelligence (EQ) training, and subcontract hiring services for both government and private organizations around the world.

The Shipley Coach Training Program (SCTP) is an ICF certified systematic coaching model provides the skills required to become a competent and confident coach. The SCTP is based on the latest developments in Neuroscience, Human Behavior, Personal Development, and is derived from 50+ years of proven methodologies rooted in Neuro-Linguistics, Solution Focused Methods, Positive Psychology, and Appreciative Inquiry. The SCTP are fully accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) ACSTH and ACTP programs. Enrolling in the ACTP program will help you to become a certified coach easier than other avenues, as the program itself is structured in alignment with all the steps of certification.

Training modules


The shipley Coach Training Program (SCTP) provides a step-by-step, experiential learning process that allows
you to develop the skills of coaching, as well experience coaching for yourself.
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The Four Lenses™ can inspire employees with a deeper sense of personal strength, meaningful purpose, and effective communication skills that will improve teamwork and customer relations. Whether you prefer to certify to teach a class or schedule a consultant, you can begin implementing the Four Lenses™ as a 1-Day Training Workshop.
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