Why Four Lenses

The Four Lenses is a proven personality temperament model that acts as a universal companion to any training or initiative. This foundational training helps individuals and organizations establish a common language and value system for diverse perspectives and unique talent in the workplace, in the classroom, or simply in life.

The four temperaments trace back to the Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) who discovered that each person has a unique personality spectrum or lens that reveals how individuals naturally see the world. Because our paradigms are so influential, we often struggle communicating with those who have a different perspective. By failing to truly understand those around us, surely, we are missing one of the greatest opportunities life has to offer.

The Four Lenses training will forever change the way you see the world. Participants discover unique aspects about themselves and everyone around them. After completing a personality temperament assessment, participants begin learning through online training modules, books, and participating in the online community.  Participants learn to interact with others in a powerful new way.

The Four Lenses training helps participants learn how to:

• Motivate reluctant people

• Communicate with power

• Strengthen leadership abilities

• Reduce stress and conflict

• Parent complicated children

• Teach difficult learners

• Create sensational relationships

Online Training Modules

No matter the role you are filling, chances are you face the challenges in some or all of these areas: Leadership, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal or Professional Effectiveness.  Shipley in partnership with Bitesize has combined, psychology, neurology, and technology, to revolutionize training.  We cut through complexities to create and deliver clear, concise training using techniques up to 400% more productive than traditional methods.

We have developed training down into bite-sized chunks.  Rather than just presenting training information, we start with the behaviors and habits of the best individuals and work backward.  Each Bitesize step is a small task: something easy anyone can practice.  Each step builds on the previous one to accomplish the desired goal.

Each module is designed using a revolutionary behavioral psychology along with cutting edge technology that enable the learner a smooth path to success.  People naturally take the path of least resistance, so we make sure there is an easy path toward the new, desired action.  We give learners the help they need precisely when they need it.  We provide immediate, positive, and continuous feedback.  We simplify the road to change so that the best practices quickly become habits.  We create positive habit loops that lead to long-term behavior change.

Each module is designed to deliver carefully-timed communication: messages, email, texts, tip sheets, worksheets, examples, videos, introduction, etc.  They get the learner what they need when they need it.  Everyone knows what to learn, what to do, what to ask, what to answer, and what to accomplish.

What are you waiting for, begin your journey of personal change today.

To change the world, We must change what we do! 

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Four Lenses Unfolded

The information in this book is based on the 4 Lenses Assessment™, a tool that accurately identifies an individual’s personality profile. The tool describes four archetypal temperaments from which all personality styles are derived. To help people learn and remember these temperaments, each one has been named after a color: Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange.

By reading and applying the principles from the Four Lenses Unfolded by Nathan K. Price, you will be able to:

      Understand anyone in the world

      Motivate reluctant people

      Communicate with power

      Succeed in your occupation

      Strengthen leadership abilities

      Reduce stress and conflict

      Parent complicated children

      Guide troublesome teenagers

      Teach difficult learners

      Create sensational relationships

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Four Lenses Certification

The 4 Lenses™ is a foundation to successful training interventions. Every individual has a unique spectrum of personality variables. When trainings, such as team building, are able to identify and address these differences the experience can be modified to enhance knowledge retention, increase personal awareness, and create strategies for social competence. Any successful training will consider that people are the building blocks of organizations. Training in 4 Lenses™ will help your organization identify and utilize the human factor in any training goal. Individuals who become certified in 4 Lenses™ become licensed to use The 4 Lenses™ in their organization.

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